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Cezanne’s Apples and the All Digging Man

Night Accident?
Life’s accidents seem to occur when no one is looking out for them. Exactly at the moment when Tentike decided to grab his ancient shotgun, leave his house and seek revenge on the local bigwig who stole his family from him, he has an accident and hits a woman in the middle of nowhere, its unclear what the woman is doing out there all alone They both shouldn’t be there, but an accident becomes the tool of destiny to put these two characters in each others path. We could be convinced that fate put the woman in Tentike’s path so to that no bullet would leave his gun.

Maybe anyone else would have left her on the side of the road and drove off, but Tentike is not like anyone else. He takes the woman home and tends to her injuries. So far the everything in this world seems to make sense, the man had an accident and is doing everything he can to rectify it; however, when we take a closer look at his life we realize that he is in fact not the man we have come to know at all, he is not a caring and considerate man we have seen since the accident. His house speaks of an angry, perhaps neurotic old man, but its clear that with the introduction of this woman he is changing. Almost as if he is falling in love.

The woman doesn’t belong in the house and this becomes more evident in her reaction the first time she sees it. Even in this setting if we pay more attention there are clues but might still change our mind about Tentike. Clues such as the small trays of apples he puts out from time to time. Some of the shots in the film are reminiscent of Cezzane’s painting of Apples. Cezzan and a movie from Kyrgyzstan? The presence of the beautiful golden hair woman in the house is just as improbable but believable.