Family Portrait

Little Tito has no idea what his dear uncle is doing in the deserts of Los Vegas and neither does his older sister Anita know anything about the land known as America. Tito is happy he has a famous scientist as an uncle and Anita wants nothing more than to experience the glitz and glamour of Vegas. They are forced to move to Vegas when they suddenly become orphaned and move in with their famous scientist uncle who little Tito is named after. Once they get to Vegas they find themselves in the middle of nowhere living with a depressed widowed man who has been lonely ever since his wife Linda passed away. His only comfort now, a strange machine he has built and obsess over named after his lost wife. Uncle Tito has no idea what to do with his smart and mischievous niece and nephews.

The problems start when little Tito wants to talk to his dad, but how can you talk to someone who is buried six feet deep? Its strange but Tito is also looking for a solution to this same exact problem, he wants nothing more than to talk to Linda. Something in his heart is telling him to listen closely to the sound of the universe and that somehow that sound connected to his departed wife, he obsesses over his machine in the hopes of one day being able to talk her.

As much as Tito tries to teach his nephew to look at the world as a scientist, little Tito is happy to see a world full of wonder, isn’t fantasy always more entertaining than reality? It is because of this spirit of fantasy in little Tito’s friend that his uncle’s seemingly failed experiment finally works. Apparently, nothing is more important than being able to see or hear ones loved ones once they are gone or at least believe that you can do this. Loss is still the hardest experience and can put anyone on their knees. During these moments having kids like Tito and Anita around can help someone move on and begin a new life.

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